No Termination without Representation in This Place

According to Secular Pro-Life’s latest blog post,

A measure recently passed in Alabama provides representation to preborn babies in judicial bypass proceedings. Judicial bypass is a procedure, mandated by the Supreme Court, which allows a teenager to petition a judge for permission to have an abortion without the knowledge of her parents. The proceeding is a matter of life or death for the preborn child, making the need for representation obvious. . . . Those who are the least capable of defending themselves are, practically by definition, those who are most deserving of legal representation. The abortion lobby may not like it, but we must continue to speak for the voiceless.

I think the SPL author means that whenever a termination is sought, the need for representation of the unborn is no less obvious than when it is sought through judicial bypass in particular. If that’s what she means, I couldn’t agree more.

This is the first time I have been aware that in any US state, a few of the unborn actually are allowed representation before termination. Now I’m trying to find out whether any of the unborn have ever won their case, and if so, by what standards the judge spared their lives. The measure was “recently passed.”

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