My name is Acyutananda (“c” pronounced as in “ciao”). All posts are by me unless otherwise mentioned, and express my personal views. The purpose of this blog will be to raise consciousness about the unborn, and awaken our consciences about the rights of the unborn.

The August 2013 post “Personhood and Citizenship” gives a basic explanation of why there should be no termination without representation.

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  1. My name is Kathleen Barker and I care very deeply about ending abortion. I have recently learned that there are a small number of abortion survivors who are speaking out in defense of the 57 million innocent children we have lost through abortion.

    These men and women truly give voice to the voiceless and must be heard on a national platform. I recommend we share the stories of these abortion survivors to put a human face on the atrocity of abortion.

    Information about the survivors of abortion can be found at The Abortion Survivors Network http://www.theabortionsurvivors.com.

    1) Sarah Smith – survived abortion – twin brother was killed by abortion
    2) Dr. Imre Teglasy – abortion survivor
    3) Heidi Huffman – abortion survivor
    4) Melissa Ohden – survived saline abortion
    5) Claire Culwell – survived abortion – twin was killed by abortion
    6) Gianna Jessen – survived saline abortion
    7) Carrie Holland-Fischer – abortion survivor
    8) Josiah Presley – survived abortion
    9) Hope Hoffman – survived abortion

    Thank you for your time and work in this very important cause of ending abortion.


    Kathleen Barker

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